spring 2003
About TAM
Technical Notes


Making History Geographical boundaries and cultural differences are a thing of the past

The Alternative Museum opened it Internet gateway in 2000 and closed its physical doors the same year. TAM is now a private archival site that functions as a repository for past TAM exhibitions, catalogues and new project ideas. This site is supported privately by its former directors and no longer relies on public support.

Through the Internet we become a global electronic city, sharing our cultural nuances, our thoughts and our cultural treasures with a vast number of friends across the globe.


On Staff
Geno Rodriguez, Founding Director/Curator
Geno co-founded TAM in 1975 and has organized some 280 exhibitions throughout the US. Geno is currently co-director, an active photographer and currently lives in New York City.
Janice Rooney, Founding Director
Jan is a co-founder of TAM and has produced over 100 catalogues for the museum’s exhibitions. Jan is currently co-director of TAM and lives in New York City.
Marcus Pinto, Webmaster/Curator
Marcus is TAM’s webmaster and web chief designer since the museum went strictly electronic in 2000. Marcus is an active photographer and currently lives in Connecticut.