spring 2003
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 Love Songs From My Computer (Web-based Sound Art) - 2003 TAM Digital Media Commissions
GH Hovagimyan

System Recommendations:
Internet Explorer/Netscape 5 or later browser,
Quicktime Player


Love Songs From My Computer comes from Hovagimyan's involvement with text based conceptual art. Although he's not a trained musician he likes to work with musical ideas. His preference is to compose his work with synthetic voice. Hovagimyan "The synth voices can do things human singers can't like sing the same word very rapidly for a long period of time without taking a breath and without making a mistake.We recognize the form of singing but with Love Songs from My Computer the form becomes something else, it's not in the pop song milieu. It's an art work."

The interface is a simple stack of quicktime movies. The reason he chose this method is that Quicktime permits more than one file to be played at a time on a web page. This also permits ease of interactivity without a complex interface. Also without major investment in software and plug-ins that will become obsolete in a matter of months, and it's cross platform.

"I like clicking the controllers and playing with the interface. You can go from cacophony to a simple 'pas de deux' and anything in between. The piece is a hybrid. It's not music, not sound art, not sound toy, not sampling or dub remix, it's a combination of all of them," states curator Geno Rodriguez.


G.H. Hovagimyan (Born 1950) is an experimental artist. Over the past 25 years he has been involved with various groups and art movements; such as Installation and Video Performance Art in the 1970's, No Wave Cinema and Punk Performance Art in the 1980's and Net.Art in the 1990's. His recents works operate in hybrid areas between networked performance, interactive installation and sound art.

Recent awards include; Eyebeam Atelier 2001 artists residency pilot program (NYC), CICV (International Center for the Creation of Video) 2000 residency in Belfort, France, and Franklin Furnace's Future of the Present 2002 residency program.

His collaborative works with Peter Sinclair (UK) have been exhibited in France at; Les Musiques '98, Musee D'Art Contemporain, Marseille, Sound Artists of North America '99, Musee D'Art Contemporain, Lyon, Les Nuits Savoureuse '99 and Interferences '00, CICV, Belfort.

He is represented by Postmasters Gallery in New York City.He teaches at the School of Visual Arts MFA Computer Art Dept. in New York City.