Ways to Save Money on Your Aircon

In Singapore where it is generally hot and humid, aircon helps keep houses cool. Here are some ways on how you can save money on your aircon.

Hours of Usage

The simplest way to reduce the need for aircon servicing is to reduce the number of hours you use aircon. During evening or early morning when temperature is moderate, opening the windows to let air into the house is a wise idea. And instead of using aircon, a good alternative is to use ceiling fan. Turning on the ceiling fan while the aircon is running is also a good way to keep the temperature cool and might minimize the need for aircon servicing in Singapore. Using your aircon with a ceiling fan also helps to set your thermostat degrees warmer, causing you to save on your bill over time.

Filter Replacement

Regularly replacing your aircon filter will also minimize the frequency of aircon maintenance. The role of air filter is important as it is the one that attracts dirt, dust, lint, and other substances. After a few months, depending on usage, an aircon filter becomes saturated with these matters that the air conditioning unit tends to malfunction. Consequently, more electricity is required for it to work properly. Therefore, regularly replacing the filter enables your aircon unit to run more efficiently—having less wear, at the same time, keeping energy bills low.

Regular Cleaning

Your aircon unit should be cleaned and protected on a regular basis. You can do this by gently cleaning off the dirt that accumulates on the external part of your unit from time to time. Simply by doing this, your aircon will operate in a proper way with both the fan and cooling system working better. A good tip, you can also put a potted plant or a tall shrub near the condenser to protect it from heat and sun exposure.

Energy Efficiency Ratio

Basically, the older your aircon unit is, the less likely it is operating in an efficient manner and needs more frequent aircon servicing. So if you have money, replacing your old aircon unit actually lets you save hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Surrounding Objects

It is also important to note the objects you place around or near your aircon unit. For example, placing a lamp or any appliance that generates heat beside the aircon can fool the thermostat. As a result, it cannot automatically shut off the aircon. Therefore, you need to keep away heat-generating things from the aircon so the thermostat will not take the temperature of air surrounding it. This is a simple way to minimize the need to call an aircon repair technician in Singapore.

Keep Cool Air

Only cool the sections in your house that are in use, and be sure to close the doors or vents of rooms you are not frequenting. Moreover, it will also be helpful to keep the curtains closed. This will help shun direct sunlight, which can raise the temperature of a room.

Keep It Small

As a matter of fact, you can save more money with aircon maintenance done by professional aircon service company from Singapore like http://www.airconmaster.sg/ when you use a window type unit for every room instead of using a central air system. Smaller aircon units require lesser energy and even investment. As much as possible, opt for the smallest yet efficient aircon system for your house. With this, aircon servicing would be easier and you’ll keep your electric bill low.