The Best Flowers for Your Wedding Decorations and Bridal Bouquet

Most couples already have an idea about the theme and color palette they want for their wedding, but not everyone is familiar with the type of flowers available at the wedding florist in Singapore besides the usual wedding flowers, such as rose, tulip, lily, and calla lily.

Get to know some of the best wedding flowers to expand your options for creating the best bridal bouquet and floral decor.

• Allium. Its rounded tip makes it look like a wand by itself, but it’s perfect for creating rounded and solid table decorations because of its mass of petals.

• Amaranthus. Its drooping petals and the long, green leaves makes it ideal for creating floral arches and large table centerpieces.

• Amaryllis. Although it will be difficult to find these wedding flowers in Singapore, they are often used as floral decor for table centerpieces because of their large petals.

• Anemone. These wedding flowers are perfect for the flower girls in the entourage, but will also make a great addition to table centerpieces by a Singapore wedding florist because of the variety of colors.

• Anthurium. Its trademark shape makes it ideal as a filler for any wedding decoration.

• Artemisia. The unusual shape of artemisia can create a dramatic effect on any wedding decoration.

• Astilbe. The volume of the flowers and its unusual overall shape can make for an interesting table decoration.

• Baby’s Breath. Also known as gypsophila, its stunning white flowers are often used for bridesmaid’s bouquets and table centerpieces. However, this could also make a stunning yet delicate bridal bouquet to complement a white wedding gown.

• Calla Lily. One of the classic wedding flowers, it is also a favorite among wedding florist because of its shape and length. Its colors are also perfect for creating floral decor for the wedding venue.

• Carnation. Often shunned for their cheap price, carnations make great additions to floral decor because of their texture and size. They are perfect for wedding centerpieces in a romantic outdoor dinner reception.

• Cherry Blossom Branches. These are perfect for minimalistic table decorations because of the tiny flowers and the long branches. It can be paired with curly willow branches, fiddlehead fern, crab apple branches, dogwood branches, quince branches, and pussy willow branches for a dramatic effect.

• Chrysanthemum. These are among the favorites of the wedding florists when creating floral decor because of their size, shape, and the number of petals. It’s a perfect choice for monochrome bridal bouquet or table centerpiece.

• Craspedia. It looks like a ball on a stick and will make a great addition to any table centerpiece.

• Daffodil. The shape of this flower can make any floral decor interesting, but they are also great for creating boutonnieres.

• Dahlia. Their bright colors and the number of petals create fantastic pieces that are perfect for decorating the wedding tables and the walls.

• Daisy. These hardy flowers come in a variety of colors that are perfect for vintage-themed weddings by referencing to in Singapore because of their simplicity and charm.

• Delphinium. The delicate mass of flowers and the long stems make them ideal for large floral decor.

• Freesia. These wedding flowers come in a variety of colors and are perfect for creating bridal bouquets with specific color palettes in mind. They can add a delicate touch to any floral decor because of their shape.

• Gerbera. These are the perfect wedding flowers for couples who want to have a colorful wedding celebration, such as a garden wedding. They are also easy to find because they are available at any time of the year.

• Hyacinth. The long, thick leaves and the mass of flowers are ideal for creating statement pieces in your wedding venue.

• Hydrangea. They are valued as fillers for most floral decor, but these wedding flowers can also create a colorful rounded bridal bouquet because of the number of petals.

• Iris. For couples who want to go for a purple or violet color palette for their wedding, this flower can be your table centerpiece.

• Lilac. The wedding florist in Singapore might use these wedding flowers for large floral decor and flower arches because of the volume of flowers.

• Lily of the Valley. Its beautiful drooping flowers can make stunning wedding decorations and are perfect for garden or outdoor weddings.

• Lisianthus. These wedding flowers look like roses but with fewer petals. The white variety is perfect for creating boutonnieres for the entourage.

• Lotus Pod. These might look unusual, but they can be used to add variety and texture to floral decor.

• Orchid. There are so many varieties of orchids to choose from that you can create stunning pieces using different colors and shapes.

• Peony. This delicate wedding flower is often used in a bridal bouquet or floral crowns for the entourage. Most wedding florist in Singapore also love its delicate scent and the volume of the flowers.

• Ranunculus. They look like roses but are rounder in shape, making them ideal choices for the bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, and table decorations.

• Roses. These wedding flowers are called the classic because of their beauty, vivid colors, and variety of sizes and shapes. Not only is it ideal for the classic bridal bouquet, it is also used as a boutonniere for the entourage.

• Succulents. Why limit yourself to the usual wedding flowers? Imaginative couples can add more drama to table centerpieces using textured succulents that also come in a variety of shapes and colors.

• Sunflower. Even if these wedding flowers do not give off a sweet scent, their bright yellow color can change the mood of the wedding venue. They make great buttonholes and floral decor for outdoor weddings.

• Sweet Pea. These versatile wedding flowers can be used in any floral decor and bridal bouquet, especially for classic-themed weddings.

• Tulip. This is among the favorites of the wedding florist when creating floral decor because of its shape, variety of colors, and the length of the stem.

• Wax Flower. These are perfect for creating volume in any wedding table decoration because of the number of flowers and the delicate, thin leaves.

This list is compiled in no particular order.