Pricing Tips for Your Locksmith Services

As a locksmith, the prices that you give should always be closely tied with the type of services that you provide. If your potential customers find the prices that you offer quite high, then they’ll simply leave you out and get the services of one of your competitors instead. This is why it’s important that you set the prices for your locksmith services reasonably but competitively. If you’re still having a hard time on adjusting your prices, here are a few tips that you could use to come up with appropriate service pricing so as to maximize your marketability to your customers.

Keep Your Prices Stable

While most customers do realize that there will be occasional prices hikes in any business, changing your services charges too often might work negatively on your business, or worse, send you out of the Singapore locksmith industry. Yes, your longtime clients will understand this and would even be willing to pay the slightly higher price that you set just to get good services, but as a locksmith, it would be better if you’re able to attract a new set of customers.

Gone are the days when customers would turn to phonebooks to look for 24 hours locksmith in Singapore to take care of their emergency locksmithing issues. Today’s potential clients pulls out his smartphone and immediately starts searching Google for some good locksmith recommendations. Which is why it’s important that you 1) have a good website that’s updated regularly and 2) have your services and pricing clearly listed on the site.

While posting your service charges online might allow customers to quickly cross you out of their list in favor to those who charge cheaply, it’s still best that you’re upfront with your pricing. Don’t worry though for there would still be customers who’d be willing to pay your rather high charges just to get good locksmith Singapore services.

Do Some Market Research

It would help if you’d do some market research first before you set your service charges. Research on how much your competitors are charging for a particular service and come up with the average price for it. Also, it would help to know of the other services that they’re providing that isn’t found in your business. If your competitors promises to get to the client’s location a lot faster than you, then look for ways to give you customers the reason to pick your services instead.

If you’ve already set your services charges and has been doing business in the locksmith Singapore industry for quite some time already, then be careful in altering your prices too often. Just as your customers have grown accustomed to the kind of service that you provide, they’d also like to know what they could expect when it comes to your services charges – whether it would change or would just stay the same.

Offer Various Specials

Setting up an online account would help in encouraging your customers to give some feedback to the services that you provided them or to simply interact with you. Create and manage a Facebook or a Twitter page and provide your avid followers some “online-only” deals in exchange for simply retweeting or liking your updates. Aside from that, you can provide them with some useful locksmith tips when you’re not giving out discounts on lock changes or duplicate keys. Follow or like the pages of property management companies and local Singapore realtors in an effort to network your business with them and hopefully drum up your locksmith business further.

Accentuate the special features of your business. Do you provide mobile locksmith services like what from Singapore do? Is handling corporate accounts your specialization? Are the services that you’re offering faster and cheaper compared to your competitors? Make sure that the public, especially your potential customers, know all of this.

Lastly, let your customers know what they’ll be getting for the price that they’re paying. If they reason out that they can get similar services at a cheaper price in hardware or department stores, give them more reasons why yours are a lot better. Don’t directly bad-mouth your competitors though, just mention potential problems that they might encounter in the future if they proceed with using these services instead of the one that you’re offering.

Keeping your business hot in the locksmith industry can be challenging given the number of competitors present in the market. Just creatively market your locksmith business and continue offer quality services set in reasonable prices, and your business will surely go a long, long way.