How Interior and Exterior Painting are Done

The painting process is quite simple, but it is a tedious for a lot of people with no experience because of the scale of the job. Most expert painting services company follow a straightforward and tested process when it comes to exterior and interior painting, with only a few differences in techniques and the products used.

When hiring an HDB painting contractor for your apartment, you have to be familiar with the following processes.

Interior Painting
Condo painting can take some time especially with interior house painting if the family decides to stay. But this should not be problem because the painting can be done room by room. Talk to a painting service company in Singapore that offers professional labor for interior coating and arrange a schedule that will not interrupt with family routine and affairs. They will be more than willing to help you in your residential painting needs.

• An assessment of the interior is done to determine how much work is needed and when it can be finished. You can discuss the type of paint and which paint colours will work best to achieve the effect you desire. The cost of paint will depend on the scale of the job. Do not go for cheap house painting that is not willing to discuss with you the process.
• First, the furniture and other removable fixtures are removed in the work area. Drop cloths may be placed over the furniture or some surfaces are covered with plastic to protect from drippings. If you have a lot of items with limited space, you can discuss renting a warehouse with the foreman.
• Next, the walls and ceilings are patched, sanded, and caulked of there are holes or damages. These will ensure that the paint will adhere to the wall and will stay there for years. An expert carpenter can also replace or repair loose of defective walls if needed. The process will also remove bad paint jobs done in the past because of poor patching. Caulking will ensure that the wall will have a finished look especially on the trims, baseboards, windows, and doors.
• Then, any water or smoke damages in sealed with a special sealer. The painting services crew will start with the trimming, baseboards, window trims, liners, and door jambs in that order. Painting apartments with more details can take more time because the crew will have to wait for the paint to dry in between coats.
• Once the decorative parts are done, the primer is applied on the ceiling and wall if the new color is different from the old. Finally, the paint is applied, first on the ceilings, trim work, then on the walls. More than one coat is applied to ensure the best effect.
• When the job is done, the painting services crew will clean up the equipment and return the room to its original state. A final inspection of the lead foreman is also done to ensure quality.

Exterior Painting
A good painting contractor will explain to you the hdb painting process and give you a definite timetable until its completion. Generally, the preparation phase takes the most time when it comes to commercial painting service to make sure that the paint will stay for years. With that, talk to your partner as you would most likely want to seek an experienced painter for our housing development flat in Singapore together.

• When you hire a painter, the foreman will need to inspect the place to determine how much work needs to be done especially with the prepping phase. It is better to hire a crew that specializes in condo painting
• The first step is to power wash the exterior to remove mildew and dirt. It can take hours just washing off the dirt in a high-rise residential complex in Singapore.
• Next, the wall is masked off to protect windows, gutters, and other hardware that cannot be removed.
• The loose leftover paint is them scraped off to make sure that the new paint adheres to the wall. This can take some time even for the best painter.

• Caulking is important when it comes to protecting doors, windows, and trims. It is also an opportunity to make repairs in loose or damaged parts of the wall. A residential paint contractor often includes an experienced carpenter in their crew for such instances.
• Before they paint the wall, a primer is applied to the bare areas to ensure maximum paint adhesion.
• Next, the paint is trimmed for maximum coverage. The best HDB painting service company will often apply two quotes to ensure that the paint will last for years.
• Then, exterior doors or entryways are smooth-painted. Accent and fixtures are also painted to ensure a finished look.
• When the job is done, the equipment are removed and the crew will clean up any mess made. A final inspection will ensure that there are no issues that have been overlooked. This is usually done by the crew foreman.