Get Your Partner to Propose With These Subtle Signs

You and your boyfriend have been in the relationship for quite a long time, and you think that it’s time to take your relationship to the next level.

However, nobody wants to pressure her guy to propose. If you think he’s ready and you are on the same page, you might want to give him a bit of encouragement to finally pop the question. If you feel like he wants to surprise you, do your homework so it would be successful for the both of you.

Here are some tips to nudge him to propose to you—and help him get the engagement ring you want—without appearing aggressive or too pushy.

1. Use the Social Media
We often use social media to show off amazing photos and inform everyone about special events. So, why not use it to your advantage to encourage your man to take the next step?

Facebook and Pinterest are great platforms to start. You can ‘like’ or ‘follow’ pages of jewellers in Singapore and ‘share’ photos of the rings you like. You can also collect images and ‘pin’ wedding ring and wedding decor ideas in Pinterest for him to see. Once he notices your preferences, searching for the perfect proposal ring won’t be as intimidating and knowing that you’re into it as he is will give him the motivation he needs.

2. Go Window Shopping
Find a way to steer your beau past a jewellery store in Singapore when you’re out. If you’ll be watching a movie, make sure to spare some time afterwards for a little window shopping.

Men need to be mentally and emotionally prepared to purchase a ring and pop the question, so by simply getting him feel comfortable with the idea of going to a jewellery store should encourage him to do the proposal. You don’t even have to look at wedding rings. Just take a look at different diamond cuts and sizes in, say, pairs of earrings or necklace pendants. Try on different jewelries that you find appealing, so he’ll have clues of your jewellery taste and style.

Also, try your best to subtly point out the elements for the bespoke bridal rings from Singapore that you prefer, such as you like platinum more than gold, modern than traditional style, or coloured gemstones than diamond. Talk to a salesperson to let him see how approachable these people are if and when he needs help. Who knows, maybe tomorrow he’ll come back and look for the same salesperson to help him out with purchasing the perfect engagement ring for you.

3. Let Him See What It’s Like
Do you have a friend who just got married? Arrange a double date or a lovely dinner with them. Let this be an opportunity to know more about the proposal and the wedding. Casually talk about how her husband proposed to her, how they chose the wedding venue and where they had their honeymoon.

When successfully done in a casual manner, perhaps over a couple of drinks or at a weekend getaway at the beach, listening and knowing how a happy couple naturally and gradually decided to get married should have your guy to thinking about the same things, too. Notice your friend’s engagement ring and wedding ring, and comment about it. If he’s already thinking about it, he will pay attention.

4. Plan for a Weekend Getaway
Most guys who plan to propose feel pressured, because they think they need to do it in an amazingly romantic way. If you’re planning for a weekend getaway at a meaningful place or somewhere you have always dreamt of visiting together, it’s possible that he will consider the getaway the perfect time to propose.

This will help reduce the pressure for him to plan for an over-the-top romantic proposal. There is nothing much you need to do, but just casually suggest for a weekend trip. If a wedding proposal is already on his plans, he should see this as a great opportunity and take charge of the rest.

More Tips to Get the Ring You Want

• Plant Hints
Although you have planned for your ring, you still want to be surprised. That means you will have to leave hints. You can leave a jewellery catalogue on his coffee table at home or ‘accidentally’ leave one of your rings in his place, so he can conveniently take your ring size. Now, your guy already knew your size without even talking about it.

• Call a Friend
If you have already had marriage talks with your partner, then it’s time to seek a bit of help from your best friend. Let your friend know what you like to help him out with ring shopping. Most men still want a surprised proposal, even if they have already discussed about getting married. So, just let him do the shopping, but he’ll be more confident if he knows he’s shopping for the right ring.

• Purchase After the Proposal
If you’re both down to it, you can purchase the ring together after his proposal. If he opens up about this, instead of planning for a surprised proposal, don’t get dismayed. He just wants to make sure that the proposal ring will be something you would truly like and would love to wear for the rest of your life.

Your man may do everything to make you happy, but they can’t read your mind. Sometimes, men need a little pushing and guidance in order for them to step up for something bigger and better—like marriage.