spring 2003
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THY BROTHERS' KEEPER - A photographic exhibition organized by The Alernative Museum for the Flint Institute of Arts

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Thy Brothers' Keeper was organized by
The Alternative Museum
for the Flint Institute of Arts.
John B. Henry III
Director, Flint Institute of Arts
Flint, Mi
Geno Rodriguez
Director, The Alternative Museum
New York, NY

Presenting these thought-provoking images within the context of art rather than politics is intended to open new avenues for discourse within the arts and education communities, invoke a sense of personal responsibility and stimulate involvement in the creation of just societies. The goals of the project are to urge viewers to see themselves not just as citizens of a country—but of the world—and to bring awareness about the ongoing causes of current human rights conflicts around the globe. It seeks to encourage people to become involved and to show that the arts can be an important partner, supplying the stimulus needed to advance the cause of human rights worldwide.


This project is organized by The Alternative Museum, New York City, an institution with a 25-year history of presenting art that focuses on the pressing issues of our times and is presented at the Flint Institute of Arts, Flint, Michigan, April 22 through July 30, 2006. All content in this exhibition's catalogue, website and CD ROM are protected by copyright and cannot be used without permission from the authors or The Alternative Museum.


Acknowledgements: Geno Rodriguez

  Foreword: John B. Henry III
  Introduction: Geno Rodriguez
  United Nations Declaration of Human Rights
  Howard & Colin Bossen: Witness and Memory
  William Bowles: Listen to Your Ancestors
  Richard Gott: Latin America at the Dawn of the 21st Century
  Jay Murphy: Visited Last Sunday. It was the Heart of Darkness
  Vered Seidmann & Charles T. Salmon:
Shooting War: Reality, Representation, and Responsibility
  Niyatee Shinde: Can Contradictions Within be Skirted?


The Alternative Museum is grateful to the Trustees of the Flint Institute of the Arts for inviting the Alternative Museum's staff to organize and create this exhibition, Thy Brothers' Keeper. It is with shared vision and courage that institutions like ours can collaborate and present exhibitions with powerful and challenging content that refers to the pressing issues of our times. In addition this exhibition is made possible by the generous support and collaborations of the participating photographers, essayists and curators. For their contributions, TAM is tremendously grateful.

This project was made possible by the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.