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2002 Web Curator's Initiative (made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts
Ondries Odendall, Nando Costa, C. Bonacorso, Lorelei Pepi, Frederike Paetzold
Corporeal Landscape (curated by Virgil Wong)
The study of human anatomy, as inspiration for artistic expression, has been a consistent and ubiquitous force in Western art since the 16th century.

Shu Lea Cheang, Wolfgang Staehle, Eryk Salvaggio, Sawad Brooks & Beth Styker, Olia Lialina, LeCieEstBleu, Zhang Ga
Towards A Recombinant Reality (curated by Zhang Ga)
"That reality is ambiguous and a byproduct of retinal overload suggests an estrangement which artists strive to reconcile."

Digital Art
Alessandro Bavari, Tom Chambers, Pablo Genoves, Sally Grizzell Larson, Jacqueline Hayden, Yoshio Itagaki, Simen Johan, Oleg Kulik, Daniel Lee, Jeff Murphy
Digitally Born
The clearest thread that runs through Digitally Born is the artists' use of fantasy in portraying their unique visions. Being able to manipulate images with the touch of a button has opened a rich vein for the artist's imagination to delight us, but more often to alarm and provoke.

Non-Digital Art
Zhong Chen
Pixel Paintings
As paintings, Zhong's pictures successfully seduce us into believing in these digital allusions, while using a medium that gives the corporeal greater authenticity. In so doing he reveals the present contradictions and convolutions in our experience of imagery and place.