How Interior and Exterior Painting are Done

The painting process is quite simple, but it is a tedious for a lot of people with no experience because of the scale of the job. Most expert painting services company follow a straightforward and tested process when it comes to exterior and interior painting, with only a few differences in techniques and the products used.

When hiring an HDB painting contractor for your apartment, you have to be familiar with the following processes.

Interior Painting
Condo painting can take some time especially with interior house painting if the family decides to stay. But this should not be problem because the painting can be done room by room. Talk to a painting service company in Singapore that offers professional labor for interior coating and arrange a schedule that will not interrupt with family routine and affairs. They will be more than willing to help you in your residential painting needs.

• An assessment of the interior is done to determine how much work is needed and when it can be finished. You can discuss the type of paint and which paint colours will work best to achieve the effect you desire. The cost of paint will depend on the scale of the job. Do not go for cheap house painting that is not willing to discuss with you the process.
• First, the furniture and other removable fixtures are removed in the work area. Drop cloths may be placed over the furniture or some surfaces are covered with plastic to protect from drippings. If you have a lot of items with limited space, you can discuss renting a warehouse with the foreman.
• Next, the walls and ceilings are patched, sanded, and caulked of there are holes or damages. These will ensure that the paint will adhere to the wall and will stay there for years. An expert carpenter can also replace or repair loose of defective walls if needed. The process will also remove bad paint jobs done in the past because of poor patching. Caulking will ensure that the wall will have a finished look especially on the trims, baseboards, windows, and doors.
• Then, any water or smoke damages in sealed with a special sealer. The painting services crew will start with the trimming, baseboards, window trims, liners, and door jambs in that order. Painting apartments with more details can take more time because the crew will have to wait for the paint to dry in between coats.
• Once the decorative parts are done, the primer is applied on the ceiling and wall if the new color is different from the old. Finally, the paint is applied, first on the ceilings, trim work, then on the walls. More than one coat is applied to ensure the best effect.
• When the job is done, the painting services crew will clean up the equipment and return the room to its original state. A final inspection of the lead foreman is also done to ensure quality.

Exterior Painting
A good painting contractor will explain to you the hdb painting process and give you a definite timetable until its completion. Generally, the preparation phase takes the most time when it comes to commercial painting service to make sure that the paint will stay for years. With that, talk to your partner as you would most likely want to seek an experienced painter for our housing development flat in Singapore together.

• When you hire a painter, the foreman will need to inspect the place to determine how much work needs to be done especially with the prepping phase. It is better to hire a crew that specializes in condo painting
• The first step is to power wash the exterior to remove mildew and dirt. It can take hours just washing off the dirt in a high-rise residential complex in Singapore.
• Next, the wall is masked off to protect windows, gutters, and other hardware that cannot be removed.
• The loose leftover paint is them scraped off to make sure that the new paint adheres to the wall. This can take some time even for the best painter.

• Caulking is important when it comes to protecting doors, windows, and trims. It is also an opportunity to make repairs in loose or damaged parts of the wall. A residential paint contractor often includes an experienced carpenter in their crew for such instances.
• Before they paint the wall, a primer is applied to the bare areas to ensure maximum paint adhesion.
• Next, the paint is trimmed for maximum coverage. The best HDB painting service company will often apply two quotes to ensure that the paint will last for years.
• Then, exterior doors or entryways are smooth-painted. Accent and fixtures are also painted to ensure a finished look.
• When the job is done, the equipment are removed and the crew will clean up any mess made. A final inspection will ensure that there are no issues that have been overlooked. This is usually done by the crew foreman.

4 Common Painting Service Misconceptions

Updating the look of your home in Singapore can be very expensive. It’s hard to buy furniture on the cheap, and decorations can be hard to come by on a budget. Unsurprisingly, a lot of people choose to repaint their homes as an update. Repainting can be a very cheap way to update the look of your home. You don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars for new furniture or decorations. But while home painting is definitely more beneficial than other ways of updating your home, there are still many things that you would need to consider to avoid making expensive and time-consuming mistakes.

One of the ways of avoiding painting mistakes is to be aware of the misconceptions behind them. While condo painting can be economical and much easier than decorating and buying new furniture, it can also be fraught with many chances to make mistakes. Condo painting isn’t as easy as simply laying a new coat of paint on a surface. Here are some of the common misconceptions that homeowners need to be aware of when hiring a painting contractor.

1. You should only stick to one style
This common misconception, that you should only stick to one style of painting, results in drab walls and boring interiors. While it is true that less is more, sticking to one style more often results to design that can send your guests to sleep. Every room should be harmonious with each other—but that doesn’t mean you should stick to one palette and one style in every room of your house. Don’t be afraid to change it up! After all, every room has a different role in your house and serves a different purpose; the style and colors of the room should reflect this.

For example, bedrooms could have deep, dark colors, to create a soothing, relaxing effect. Rooms for teenagers are good with bright colors, as they can brighten up small rooms and help stimulate young minds. Choose paint colors appropriately: offices are best with neutral, muted colors, like beige or eggshell white. If you’re hiring painting professionals for multiple rooms, don’t be afraid to experiment; good painting services might give you the best interior for your homes in Singapore.

2. You don’t need to be picky about your paint
Even before the painting process properly begins, many homeowners already make the mistake of choosing the wrong type of paint. Some people think that you don’t have to hire a professional for an HDB painting service, as long as they have an expensive can of paint. On the other hand, some people think that even the worst paint brand will still get them good, high-quality results in their HDB painting service, as long as it is used by the best painter. However, both of these people are wrong. The quality of a painting job will rely on both the expertise of the painting contractor, as well as the materials they use.

Many people also fail to understand the differences in the types of paint available on the market. While it’s always a good idea to go with more expensive and reputable brands while buying a can of paint, many brands offer specialized formulas. For example, exterior surfaces are better off painted with paint that is specially formulated to withstand the effects of direct sunlight, which is especially important for here in sunny Singapore. There are also paint brands that offer water-proof paints, as well as paints that don’t give off that head-ache inducing new-paint smell. While these special types of paint can cost a bit more than the other normal types, it can help you save time and effort. If you don’t frequent hardware stores, you may not be familiar with these formulas. However, you could always ask your painting contractor for recommendations.

3. You don’t need preparations when painting
This misconception cannot be any farther from the truth. People tend to think that you could simply paint on a surface and be done with it. However, preparing a surface for painting can mean the difference between a good and bad paint job. Preparing the surface properly can help you your painting contractor have a good flow during the painting process and make sure that the outcome is the best it can be.

Most painting services include a little bit of preparation work. This often includes simple fixes such as scraping off excess paint and removing protruding nails and electric plates. This also often includes covering surfaces such as floors and countertops, as well as moving heavy furniture out of the way to make space for painting materials and supplies. However, preparations may vary from one contractor to the next. To avoid miscommunication, always clarify the preparation work that is included in the painting service.

4. You don’t need to hire professionals
Many people opt to think of condo painting as something that they could do by themselves. While doing your own painting services may seem easy on the outside, there are many techniques that you need to learn in order to create the best coat of paint for your HDB or condo. For example, the best painter will know how to avoid feathering from your paint, can easily and efficiently create a smooth and even layer of paint, and even understand how artificial lighting can change the shade of a paint color.

There are many advantages too if you hire the help of a painting contractor, such as ask for paint recommendations and how best to achieve a certain look. Many people are often adamant about hiring a painting contractor as they don’t want to spend money. However, with the knowledge and expertise of the best painter, chances are you’ll get more mileage from your dollar.

Common Pests Found in Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Pest control management in large and complex sites such as commercial and industrial buildings can be a challenge because of the variety of pests that need to be removed. Unlike homes and apartments where the most complex pest control services involve termite removal, business premises have several different challenges.

Why are pests common?

Unlike houses, buildings have multiple entry points for a variety of pests, and this can be further affected by the number of people in the premises, the possible sources of food for the pests, existing structural problems in the building that have not been addressed, and the delivery and storage of merchandise within the premises. Poor sanitation and hygiene in general can also be a huge factor, especially if the company does not have a proper sanitation and pest control management in place. Failure to observe regular facilities servicing for plumbing, heating and cooling systems, and building maintenance can also exacerbate the pest problem.

What can pest control do?

Pest control management in Singapore will not only help you identify the pests that you are probably not aware are found within the building premises, but they can also offer solutions to address and prevent further pest infestation. Pest control services includes prevention of the contamination of food and water sources, improve sanitation and hygiene levels, identify damages to the structure or machines or furniture in the building, create a pest-proof building to lower risks of illnesses, and to undertake inspection of the premises on a regular basis.

How to keep the area pest-free?

Facilities such as hospitals, schools, hotels, resorts, government offices, food service industries, commercial sites, and industrial buildings are prone to pest infestation because of the number of people within the area. To keep these sites pest-free, regular pest control services in Singapore is a must because sanitation and hygiene also affects the image of the business or office and the health of the employees or tenants. The best pest control firm in Singapore will be able to identify the pests, control or eliminate these pests, and establish ways to keep their number under control.

Let’s look at some of the common pests found in commercial and industrial buildings that you should be aware of.


Cockroaches are the hardiest of the bunch, that is why it is very difficult to get rid of cockroaches in commercial and industrial facilities because of the number of breeding grounds, hiding places, and sources of food. They are highly adaptive that is why they can survive harsh conditions and develop immunity to insecticides such as sprays. They are attracted to moist and dark areas such as leaky pipes, sinks, storage areas, and basements.

There are several types of cockroaches found in most buildings, but you should not just be worried about the pests themselves, but the bacteria and parasites they carry. These can cause allergies and infections among the people who come into contact with food and items that have been contaminated by cockroaches.


Rats and mice can do a great deal of damage in the building especially if the pest infestation is significant. Not only can they cause infections among the people affected by the infestation, but they also carry parasites and bacteria that can be life-threatening. Rats and mice can also damage equipment, create holes in the walls and ceilings, chew through electrical wiring, and damage the furniture. They also leave droppings and urine which can leave a distinct smell in the area.

Pest control management involves identification of the specific species of rodents that infest the building to determine which methods should be used. Sources of food, hiding and breeding places, and repair of damages to the structure are also essential if you want to exterminate rodents. After they terminate pest, proper sanitation and scheduled inspections are also required to avoid another infestation.


Ants are not as destructive as the other pests listed here, but they can be a nuisance especially in food and beverage services. They can thrive even in buildings that are well-maintained, that is why pest control management must be able to identify the species of the ants, the possible sources of food, and to establish a hygienic practice to avoid ant infestation.

They can’t make the people in the area sick, but they can damage the reputation of the business because they are associated with unsanitary practices, so call the nearest pest control management company in Singapore for an inspection.


Termites are the mot destructive of the pests, that is why it’s more difficult to remove termites than to prevent them from infesting the building. Termite removal is a long and complicated process, often with different results, because an assessment of the damage must be taken into consideration.

To remove termites, several factors are considered, such as total area, amount of infestation, the age of the infestation, the layout of the building foundation, location of the buildings, climate, type of termite/s, and the methods applied or used in previous treatments or pest control services. Accurate measurements are important in determining the chemicals that will be used, the renovations required, and the labor cost.

House Flies

House flies are difficult to control and can cause illnesses of the infestation is significant. If you run a food and beverage business in Singapore, you should talk to a pest control services representative to avoid these diseases-causing pests from ruining your reputation.

There are several options to terminate pest besides the use of chemicals, including the use of LED fly killers as a long-term solution.


Mosquitoes are the deadliest insects on the planet not only because they can cause life-threatening illnesses, but they also carry parasites that can affect the individuals they come into contact with. Mosquitoes are common in resorts, hotels, and restaurants especially buildings with open-air areas.

Mosquito removal is also complicated because several factors must be considered, but pest control management can offer several solutions besides the use of sprays if you are hesitant about the health effects. Pest control services will also help you identify and address possible areas that serve as breeding grounds for these pests.

Pricing Tips for Your Locksmith Services

As a locksmith, the prices that you give should always be closely tied with the type of services that you provide. If your potential customers find the prices that you offer quite high, then they’ll simply leave you out and get the services of one of your competitors instead. This is why it’s important that you set the prices for your locksmith services reasonably but competitively. If you’re still having a hard time on adjusting your prices, here are a few tips that you could use to come up with appropriate service pricing so as to maximize your marketability to your customers.

Keep Your Prices Stable

While most customers do realize that there will be occasional prices hikes in any business, changing your services charges too often might work negatively on your business, or worse, send you out of the Singapore locksmith industry. Yes, your longtime clients will understand this and would even be willing to pay the slightly higher price that you set just to get good services, but as a locksmith, it would be better if you’re able to attract a new set of customers.

Gone are the days when customers would turn to phonebooks to look for 24 hours locksmith in Singapore to take care of their emergency locksmithing issues. Today’s potential clients pulls out his smartphone and immediately starts searching Google for some good locksmith recommendations. Which is why it’s important that you 1) have a good website that’s updated regularly and 2) have your services and pricing clearly listed on the site.

While posting your service charges online might allow customers to quickly cross you out of their list in favor to those who charge cheaply, it’s still best that you’re upfront with your pricing. Don’t worry though for there would still be customers who’d be willing to pay your rather high charges just to get good locksmith Singapore services.

Do Some Market Research

It would help if you’d do some market research first before you set your service charges. Research on how much your competitors are charging for a particular service and come up with the average price for it. Also, it would help to know of the other services that they’re providing that isn’t found in your business. If your competitors promises to get to the client’s location a lot faster than you, then look for ways to give you customers the reason to pick your services instead.

If you’ve already set your services charges and has been doing business in the locksmith Singapore industry for quite some time already, then be careful in altering your prices too often. Just as your customers have grown accustomed to the kind of service that you provide, they’d also like to know what they could expect when it comes to your services charges – whether it would change or would just stay the same.

Offer Various Specials

Setting up an online account would help in encouraging your customers to give some feedback to the services that you provided them or to simply interact with you. Create and manage a Facebook or a Twitter page and provide your avid followers some “online-only” deals in exchange for simply retweeting or liking your updates. Aside from that, you can provide them with some useful locksmith tips when you’re not giving out discounts on lock changes or duplicate keys. Follow or like the pages of property management companies and local Singapore realtors in an effort to network your business with them and hopefully drum up your locksmith business further.

Accentuate the special features of your business. Do you provide mobile locksmith services like what from Singapore do? Is handling corporate accounts your specialization? Are the services that you’re offering faster and cheaper compared to your competitors? Make sure that the public, especially your potential customers, know all of this.

Lastly, let your customers know what they’ll be getting for the price that they’re paying. If they reason out that they can get similar services at a cheaper price in hardware or department stores, give them more reasons why yours are a lot better. Don’t directly bad-mouth your competitors though, just mention potential problems that they might encounter in the future if they proceed with using these services instead of the one that you’re offering.

Keeping your business hot in the locksmith industry can be challenging given the number of competitors present in the market. Just creatively market your locksmith business and continue offer quality services set in reasonable prices, and your business will surely go a long, long way.

Ways to Save Money on Your Aircon

In Singapore where it is generally hot and humid, aircon helps keep houses cool. Here are some ways on how you can save money on your aircon.

Hours of Usage

The simplest way to reduce the need for aircon servicing is to reduce the number of hours you use aircon. During evening or early morning when temperature is moderate, opening the windows to let air into the house is a wise idea. And instead of using aircon, a good alternative is to use ceiling fan. Turning on the ceiling fan while the aircon is running is also a good way to keep the temperature cool and might minimize the need for aircon servicing in Singapore. Using your aircon with a ceiling fan also helps to set your thermostat degrees warmer, causing you to save on your bill over time.

Filter Replacement

Regularly replacing your aircon filter will also minimize the frequency of aircon maintenance. The role of air filter is important as it is the one that attracts dirt, dust, lint, and other substances. After a few months, depending on usage, an aircon filter becomes saturated with these matters that the air conditioning unit tends to malfunction. Consequently, more electricity is required for it to work properly. Therefore, regularly replacing the filter enables your aircon unit to run more efficiently—having less wear, at the same time, keeping energy bills low.

Regular Cleaning

Your aircon unit should be cleaned and protected on a regular basis. You can do this by gently cleaning off the dirt that accumulates on the external part of your unit from time to time. Simply by doing this, your aircon will operate in a proper way with both the fan and cooling system working better. A good tip, you can also put a potted plant or a tall shrub near the condenser to protect it from heat and sun exposure.

Energy Efficiency Ratio

Basically, the older your aircon unit is, the less likely it is operating in an efficient manner and needs more frequent aircon servicing. So if you have money, replacing your old aircon unit actually lets you save hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Surrounding Objects

It is also important to note the objects you place around or near your aircon unit. For example, placing a lamp or any appliance that generates heat beside the aircon can fool the thermostat. As a result, it cannot automatically shut off the aircon. Therefore, you need to keep away heat-generating things from the aircon so the thermostat will not take the temperature of air surrounding it. This is a simple way to minimize the need to call an aircon repair technician in Singapore.

Keep Cool Air

Only cool the sections in your house that are in use, and be sure to close the doors or vents of rooms you are not frequenting. Moreover, it will also be helpful to keep the curtains closed. This will help shun direct sunlight, which can raise the temperature of a room.

Keep It Small

As a matter of fact, you can save more money with aircon maintenance done by professional aircon service company from Singapore like when you use a window type unit for every room instead of using a central air system. Smaller aircon units require lesser energy and even investment. As much as possible, opt for the smallest yet efficient aircon system for your house. With this, aircon servicing would be easier and you’ll keep your electric bill low.

The Basic Principles of Plumbing in Multi-Story Buildings

Although there are a lot of similarities when it comes to plumbing works in a detached single-house unit and a multi-story residential complex like most condominiums in Singapore, the latter’s plumbing problems are multiplied by the number of units in the building and the additional facilities that are connected to the plumbing. Because of the complicated problems in the plumbing works, a reliable plumbing system starts not with a scheduled maintenance with a licensed plumber, but with proper fitting and installation from a plumbing contractor in Singapore.

Size of the Plumbing

Commercial and residential complexes will require more pipes, fixtures, water outlets, sinks, and most importantly, the demand for water. Your plumbing services in Singapore will have to address all these problems by determining how to set up the distribution mains/arterial mains or the pipelines, storage reservoir for the pressure and supply in the system, where to place valves to regulate the flow, where to place the booster stations for water pressure (especially in a multi-story structure), and how to lay out effective water delivery to all units.

With the number of people who need regular water supply in such a setting, it is important to set up a system that will ensure that typical plumbing problems are addressed as soon as possible to prevent major repairs and structural damage.

Structural Challenges

A multi-story building is naturally more complex than a single-house unit, which is why gravity can play an important role when it comes to delivery and drainage, two separate subsystems in the plumbing works. The delivery and drainage, however, are separate from the other lines that supply hot water for the water heater and other systems that require plumbing (such as dishwashers) and even garbage disposal systems.

This structural challenge complicates the plumbing problems when it comes to repairing fixtures, drains, and pipes in a multi-story building because other minor problems cannot be easily detected and any damage to one part of the system might also affect the others in the building. Any business or residential complex therefore, needs to have regular plumbing services and a contact with a 24 hours plumber.

Problem Detection

As already mentioned, detecting minor problems in a multi-story building can be a challenge even if regular inspection and maintenance is performed by a reliable plumber in Singapore. Add to that the failure to report of minor leaks and faulty fixtures by irresponsible tenants.

Commercial properties can also present a challenge if it does not get regular servicing from a plumbing contractor because the problem can be invisible for months or even years. However, the consequence of ignoring minor plumbing problems can lead to structural damage which will cost more than if the apartment or the building manager invested in scheduled maintenance with a plumbing services company.

Water Pressure

There are several water pressure-boosting methods that can be used for a multi-story building in Singapore, and each can come with pros and cons. The most common, however, is the risk of backflow and contamination. The plumbing contractor will need approval from authorities in Singapore when installing a water pressure booster method and must determine if a combination of the different methods will work in a building.

The structure is usually divided into different zones for easier and constant distribution of water. If the building requires a replacement of the old supply system, you should contact a plumbing contractor that specializes in commercial or industrial plumbing services because there are problems that individual residential-only plumbers cannot address.

Drainage System Challenges

Not only is the delivery system more complicated, but so is the drainage system. That’s because there should be a planned layout of the vents to prevent siphoning of the water trap seal and the blowing out of the pipes from the pressure. The plumbing contractor will either connect various vent pipes or provide individual vent exits for each unit, but this is doubly challenging if the building has more than ten stories, because these will require vent connections at specific intervals.

The sanitary drainage is usually connected to the public sewer and wastewater exits through gravity, but if not installed properly, this could cause flooding and overloading, a problem common in old buildings that have suffered damage. In some cases, instead of a sewage system, a vacuum drainage system is preferred.

Fixture Calculations

Determining the type and number of fixtures in a multi-story building will require services from a professional plumbing contractor in Singapore like whose technicians also specialize in commercial and industrial plumbing. This is done by determining the fixture unit that includes the length of time the water is used in all units, the rate of consumption, and the period between use of the fixtures. Why should they do this? The calculation will ensure that all apartments in the building for example will get the same pressure and amount of water they need.

Water Heaters and Dual Supplies

This is common in most hotels and apartment complexes in Singapore where there are two different grades of water, one of which is used for drinking. Separate piping is required for dual supply systems, especially if the building also requires hot water for washing and bathing. The only concern of the plumbing contractor is to ensure that there are no cross connections between these two systems or to make sure that the hot water will not affect the cold-water delivery.

This is why a licensed plumber in Singapore should also be skilled in the installation and maintenance of water heaters. However, a water heater for a single-unit residence is different from that used for commercial and industrial buildings, because the reliable plumber will also have to determine the pressure limits and correct temperature.

Fire protection systems are also part of the plumbing works in a commercial building, because they include water sprinklers which might also be connected to the dual water supply system. Finally, water storage vessels, also a part of the dual system, might also be installed by the plumbing contractor as part of the plumbing works for drinking water supple, reserved water, and other functions.

Common Electrical DIY Mistakes You’re Probably Guilty Of

Do-it-yourself instructional manuals and videos a common nowadays and more households are taking the initiative to perform the maintenance and repairs themselves instead of hiring professionals to do the work. However, working with electrical equipment and wiring entails risks that most inexperienced and untrained individuals are not aware of.

These are the common mistakes of DIY electrical works in Singapore that need the intervention of a licensed electrician.

1. Ungrounded Electrical Outlets

Replacing old light bulbs is easier than working on electrical outlets, but this is a common DIY practice at home to save money from hiring a licensed electrician. However, most homeowners are not aware of the concept of grounding, especially with three-prong outlets that are common nowadays. Most homes after all, still use the two-prong outlets. The third prong is supposed to be a grounding outlet that is responsible for catching excess electricity and then grounds it to prevent sparks and fires when the electrical appliance is plugged. You cannot simply replace a two-prong outlet with a three-prong type, because it could potentially cause a fire. Call a licensed electrician in Singapore to replace your outlets.

2. Exposed Wiring and Open Splices

Most homeowners tend to forget to protect the wiring after a repair. A reputable electrician services company in Singapore will make sure that all the electrical wirings after the repair or installation are placed behind the wall, under the floor or above the ceiling, to prevent them from causing accidents. Open splices on the other hand are the result of new wiring connections that have not been done properly. A licensed electrician in Singapore makes sure that new connections are properly covered and protected, because an open splice can cause fires, especially if the connection is made in spaces that are hard to reach.

3. Too Many Extension Cords

Some homeowners substitute the extension cords for extra electrical outlets instead of creating a new connection properly. This can place your family at risk because a tangle of cords and ungrounded outlets can cause fires and accidents. Hiring a good electrician will save you more money for hospital bills and renovation.

4. Use of the Wrong Circuit Breaker

Messing with your home’s electrical works without the proper knowledge and training can lead to disasters. Although not common, there are DIY tutorials that include the installation of a new circuit breaker. Some owners, however, are not aware that it is important to follow the Singapore electric code when installing a new one. There are different types of circuit breakers that will protect the wiring and electrical equipment at home from fires, but each type has a specific requirement.

5. Connections Outside the Electric Box

Some individuals who have made new connections before also tend to forget that they should never connect wires outside an electrical box. This is supposed to protect the wires from the elements that could cause overheating, sparks, and loosen the connection. The electrical box should also be flushed to the wall surface, not recessed behind a wall. Sure, they can ruin the view, but you can make the connections in areas where they cannot be seen on the wall easily. Although electrical boxes can be purchased at shops in Singapore, if you want to ensure the safety of your family, call a licensed electrician to do the job for you.

6. Too Many Wires in the Electrical Box

Maybe you did make sure to install an electrical box, but you do not know how many wires you can place in it. A licensed electrician is trained how to properly install and protect connections, because there are standards in the size and volume of electrical boxes that correspond to the wire sizes and lengths.

7. Short Wires and Reversing Hot and Neutral Wires

An electrician is also trained where to cut wire connections and how to connect them properly. If you have no experience in making wire connections, you should not take chances. Short wires can be difficult to work with and will most likely result in a poor connection that can start a fire. You could get electrocuted if you connect a black hot wire to a neutral terminal. Sure, the devices and lights connected to it will still work, but you will be placing your family in danger by making one simple mistake. Hire a licensed electrician if you need to have your outlets and switches repaired instead of taking chances by trusting on your limited experience.

8. Loose Outlet and Switch Supports

Not only will they make your home look untidy, but they can also cause accidents if the connections loosen and overheat. Make sure that you hire an electrician services company to fix your outlets and switches to avoid such problems.

9. Failure to Include a Clamp on a Cable

A licensed electrician will make sure that your cables are secured in the boxes to avoid loosening or damaging them. Proper installation is a specialty of most electricians, not only because they have guidelines on where to cut the cables and how to staple the clamps, but also because they are aware of the risks of substandard connections.

10. Overloading the Outlets

You should never overload the powerboards and outlets because the circuit can trip. If you are moving into a new apartment and you need more outlets for your appliances, you should consult a licensed electrician in Singapore to do a thorough inspection of the place before any outlets can be installed. The circuit should be able to handle the demands needed from it with the right amperes.