Jacqueline Hayden was born in 1950 in Cincinnati, Ohio and is now Professor of Film and Photography at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. She earned her Bachelor of Science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 1976 and a Masters of Fine Art from Yale University in 1979.

Artist Statement
Ancient Statuary Series 1996 - present

Ancient Statuary Series are platinum/palladium prints derived from digitally generated halftone negatives. I create digital composites of my photographs of older figure models and photographs I make of ancient statuary in situ. Grafting older bodies onto ancient statuary forms has given me the means to critically engage the visual history of aging as one of invisibility.

The role of the tourist and the photographer is central to conceptualizing the past. The tourist is integral to understanding how artifacts traveled to different locations. The reproduction of cultural artifacts (the copy) both from Roman times to the present is dependent on the tourist. The photograph is by its analog and societal nature a copy, a reproduction of "something real" -- evidence. The digital age is challenging the power of the photograph's veracity. I am attempting, in Ancient Statuary Series, to question the presumptions of that truth.

The Alternative Museum | Digitally Born
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