Sally Grizzell Larson is a visual artist based in Philadelphia. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Larson has received a fellowship from Art Matters, Inc. in New York; both a fellowship and a Window of Opportunity Award from The Leeway Foundation in Philadelphia; two fellowships and a Special Opportunity Stipend from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts; and was a finalist for a Pew Fellowship in the Arts. Her publications include LEONARDO, El Mundo and the journal, Rethinking Marxism.

Artist Statement - "Flight"
There is something deeply embedded in our consciousness about flight, of being airborne high above, where boundaries become arbitrary and meaningless. With this all-encompassing view, flight's ultimate and most valuable gift, we are able to see ourselves and each other in light of our greatest and smallest accomplishments and are offered a temporary sanctuary from every day life on the ground. These were my thoughts when I began this work.

But because history makes for cruel ironies, I believe in the end this work speaks mostly about the acute pragmatism inherent in human nature and the fact that, when we set the course to explore, examine, and define, we must realize that nothing remains entirely the same and there is no turning back.

The Alternative Museum | Digitally Born
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