Pablo Genoves was born in Madrid in 1959 and currently lives and works there. From 1987 to 1991, Genoves studied at the Photographer's Club, Double Bed Works Photographic Center, Color and Painting in the Inslington Arts Center, and Camden Arts Center in London and at the Circle of B. Artes of Madrid with J. Leparc, J. Vallhonrat and Colum Colvin as well as the studying at the Art Students League in New York.

Artist Statement
I use images that are either direct appropriation or images made by me, then transformed on the computer. I mix these images with photographs of previously painted canvases, this amalgamation created with the help of digital techniques. The resulting combination is then digitally printed on photographic paper. By gathering all these elements, I attempt to create a convergence of different artistic disciplines, an intersection of mediums. I give these works the appearance of painting reproductions, or more precisely, of photographic reproductions of artwork.

I'm interested in surrounding the work in an atmosphere of "lies" and "falsification". I want the spectator to see that an "original work of art" can be an "original reproduction". All my effort is directed at expressing "doubt" with respect to the "base" of the image, where these doubts have taken root. I'm fascinated with the intangible space created by this mixture of mediums. A virtual space is opened before me with great possibilities and approaches that place called artistic feeling. This "non-place" allows me to engage in a dialog between traditional pictorial elements and the photographic digitally manipulated image as a way to represent the reality.

The subject of my work generally focuses on the masculine and the feminine worlds with their yearnings for mutual approach in the waiting room of physical contact: the moment before they touch, the space between seduction and desire with its gestures and demeanors.


The Alternative Museum | Digitally Born
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