Alessandro Bavari was born in 1963 in Latina, a coastal town south of Rome, Italy where he grew up in an Italian-French family. Attracted by art at an early age, he attended art college, making photomontages at the age of 15. He then studied scenography, photography, and art history among various other disciplines at the Academy of Fine Arts, in Rome. Here, he developed strong skills in oil painting, watercolor painting, and engraving, while simultaneously experimenting with methods of mixing tar, glue, and industrial paint and exploring photographic printing techniques.

During his years at the Academy of Fine Arts, he made many photographs of life around him: people and animals, objects and architecture, pictures and landscapes, fossils and other materials. These images became a part if his mental museum, which is greatly influenced by Indo-European cultural myths and allegories as well as the work of fourteenth and fifteenth century artists.

Since 1993, he has added digital manipulation to his repertoire of image making skills, developing a personal artistic language using industrial and organic materials then incorporating photographic processes, computer digitization, which then leads to "a kind of contamination among the arts dissolving the boundaries that distinguish them."

Alessandro Bavari continues to live and work in Italy.

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