Common Electrical DIY Mistakes You’re Probably Guilty Of

Do-it-yourself instructional manuals and videos a common nowadays and more households are taking the initiative to perform the maintenance and repairs themselves instead of hiring professionals to do the work. However, working with electrical equipment and wiring entails risks that most inexperienced and untrained individuals are not aware of.

These are the common mistakes of DIY electrical works in Singapore that need the intervention of a licensed electrician.

1. Ungrounded Electrical Outlets

Replacing old light bulbs is easier than working on electrical outlets, but this is a common DIY practice at home to save money from hiring a licensed electrician. However, most homeowners are not aware of the concept of grounding, especially with three-prong outlets that are common nowadays. Most homes after all, still use the two-prong outlets. The third prong is supposed to be a grounding outlet that is responsible for catching excess electricity and then grounds it to prevent sparks and fires when the electrical appliance is plugged. You cannot simply replace a two-prong outlet with a three-prong type, because it could potentially cause a fire. Call a licensed electrician in Singapore to replace your outlets.

2. Exposed Wiring and Open Splices

Most homeowners tend to forget to protect the wiring after a repair. A reputable electrician services company in Singapore will make sure that all the electrical wirings after the repair or installation are placed behind the wall, under the floor or above the ceiling, to prevent them from causing accidents. Open splices on the other hand are the result of new wiring connections that have not been done properly. A licensed electrician in Singapore makes sure that new connections are properly covered and protected, because an open splice can cause fires, especially if the connection is made in spaces that are hard to reach.

3. Too Many Extension Cords

Some homeowners substitute the extension cords for extra electrical outlets instead of creating a new connection properly. This can place your family at risk because a tangle of cords and ungrounded outlets can cause fires and accidents. Hiring a good electrician will save you more money for hospital bills and renovation.

4. Use of the Wrong Circuit Breaker

Messing with your home’s electrical works without the proper knowledge and training can lead to disasters. Although not common, there are DIY tutorials that include the installation of a new circuit breaker. Some owners, however, are not aware that it is important to follow the Singapore electric code when installing a new one. There are different types of circuit breakers that will protect the wiring and electrical equipment at home from fires, but each type has a specific requirement.

5. Connections Outside the Electric Box

Some individuals who have made new connections before also tend to forget that they should never connect wires outside an electrical box. This is supposed to protect the wires from the elements that could cause overheating, sparks, and loosen the connection. The electrical box should also be flushed to the wall surface, not recessed behind a wall. Sure, they can ruin the view, but you can make the connections in areas where they cannot be seen on the wall easily. Although electrical boxes can be purchased at shops in Singapore, if you want to ensure the safety of your family, call a licensed electrician to do the job for you.

6. Too Many Wires in the Electrical Box

Maybe you did make sure to install an electrical box, but you do not know how many wires you can place in it. A licensed electrician is trained how to properly install and protect connections, because there are standards in the size and volume of electrical boxes that correspond to the wire sizes and lengths.

7. Short Wires and Reversing Hot and Neutral Wires

An electrician is also trained where to cut wire connections and how to connect them properly. If you have no experience in making wire connections, you should not take chances. Short wires can be difficult to work with and will most likely result in a poor connection that can start a fire. You could get electrocuted if you connect a black hot wire to a neutral terminal. Sure, the devices and lights connected to it will still work, but you will be placing your family in danger by making one simple mistake. Hire a licensed electrician if you need to have your outlets and switches repaired instead of taking chances by trusting on your limited experience.

8. Loose Outlet and Switch Supports

Not only will they make your home look untidy, but they can also cause accidents if the connections loosen and overheat. Make sure that you hire an electrician services company to fix your outlets and switches to avoid such problems.

9. Failure to Include a Clamp on a Cable

A licensed electrician will make sure that your cables are secured in the boxes to avoid loosening or damaging them. Proper installation is a specialty of most electricians, not only because they have guidelines on where to cut the cables and how to staple the clamps, but also because they are aware of the risks of substandard connections.

10. Overloading the Outlets

You should never overload the powerboards and outlets because the circuit can trip. If you are moving into a new apartment and you need more outlets for your appliances, you should consult a licensed electrician in Singapore to do a thorough inspection of the place before any outlets can be installed. The circuit should be able to handle the demands needed from it with the right amperes.