What is Radiesse Nose Job?



Radiesse nose job is a non-surgical rhinoplasty performed with the use of injectable filler called Radiesse. This technique is less invasive and less time-consuming compared to traditional rhinoplasty. Also, it requires no general anesthesia, no healing time, but does come with a few side effects, which are described by most Singapore aesthethics experts as normal effects days after the procedure.

Radiesse, previously named as Radiance, is a calcium hydroxyapatite, a paste-like substance termed as dermal filler. The substance is injected under the two topmost layer of the nasal skin to fill out uneven spots and bumps, without requiring surgical incisions. During the initial stage, the substance itself will act as filler. After a couple of months, the collagen grows around the area where it is injected, making the results last up to a year or two.

Since calcium hydroxyapatite is a substance that the human body naturally produces, Radiesse is non-toxic and non-allergenic, which means allergen testing is no longer required before a patient is allowed by the aesthetic clinic to undergo such procedure, and no allergic reaction is going to happen after the nose job. This non-invasive technique only requires a topical numbing cream and only takes 15 minutes to get done. Furthermore, injectable nose fillers are preferred by many as it is typically much less costly than traditional rhinoplasty surgery.

Candidates for Radiesse Nose Job

Though the procedure has limitations that could make it unbefitting to some patients, anybody who wishes to correct minor nasal problems can certainly undergo non-surgical rhinoplasty. Here are the most fitted candidates for Radiesse nose job.

    • Patients looking for temporary results

    Aside from hyaluronic acids, like Juvederm and Restylane, Radiesse is one of the most commonly used nose fillers in any aesthetic clinic in Singapore. Like other nose fillers, Radiesse does not provide permanent results, but lasts longer than hyaluronic acids. For patients who are not ready yet to undergo major surgery but want to see and experience first the results of a nose fillers in Singapore can find solution in non-surgical rhinoplasty. Conversely, patients looking for lasting effects will not fulfill their expectation with this technique.

    • Patients looking for minor nasal corrections

    For patients whose goal is to just even out the structure of their nose, the dermal filler is their best option. From the name itself, the purpose of nose fillers is to fill in depressed areas of the nose. It is used to lift the angle of the nasal tip and even out bumps and spots. But, if patients are expecting to have their nasal profile reduced, more invasive procedure will be required.


1. Radiesse nose job, and other non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures, cannot alleviate nasal functional issues. For instance, patients who suffer from deviated septums, which limit the breathing functionality of the nose because of misaligned nasal bridge, will not be cured with this technique.

2. Since dermal fillers only provide temporary effects, a patient who aims to maintain the results will have to commit to a long-term investment. Annual visit to an aesthetic clinic is necessary to prolong the effects of Radiesse nose job.

Radiesse nose job is just one of the non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques you can find in an aesthetic clinic in Singapore. Because it is non-invasive, less-time consuming, much cheaper, and does not require healing time, more and more Singaporeans who wish to correct minor nose problems turned to this solution.