Welcome to The Alternative Museum (TAM)
The Alternative Museum was originally founded in 1975 as the Alternative Center for International Arts Inc. TAM served the public with more than 375 exhibitions and over 500 concerts and panel discussions as it provided a new paradigm for contemporary arts institutions. Projects focused on the pressing social and political issues of our times.

The TAM mantra was, "Behind the issues and ahead of the times."

We hope you enjoy your visit.

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Selected past TAM initiatives...

Luiz Azaceta, Dennis Adams, Enrique Chagoya, Adrian Piper
Visit our Exhibition Archives and Catalog Section
We are in the process of updating our Archives to include exhibition catalogs from TAM's past

George Azar, Donna De Cesare, Carol Guzy , Yannis Kontos , David Dare Parker , Lucian Perkins
The Human Condition [After Effects]
An international photography exhibition created by The Alternative Museum for The Nathan Cummings Foundation)

GH Hovagimyan
Love Songs From My Computer
Love Songs From My Computer comes from Hovagimyan's involvement with text based conceptual art. Although he's not a trained musician he likes to work with musical ideas.
Diane Ludin
Viral Portraits
"Viral Portraits are a series of Internet based montages combining key components of diseases sequenced for databanks of the future; Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Hodgkin’s, and HIV:AIDS."
Mark Napier
"My goal with this work is to create a tactile and reactive "world" in which a single click results in an infinite variety of generated designs."
M. River & T. Whid Art Associates
Five Small Videos About Interruption And Disappearing
These Five Small Videos are MTAA's update of the form and themes of this earlier video work.
Ricardo Dominguez
FadeFoward is a series of photographs and text from different Zapatistas events and actions during the last 3 years.


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Common Pet Grooming Mistakes

Whether your pet has short or long hair, they need a little help from their human friends when it comes to pet grooming.

If you choose to groom your pet at home instead of availing commercial pet grooming, be extra careful because a simple mistake can cause an injury to your beloved pet. The following are the most common mistakes that owners make while grooming their pets.

Shaving Too Close to the Skin

While we aim to be as close to the skin as possible when shaving beards and leg hairs, shaving your pet’s hair is entirely different story. When shaving pet’s hair, make sure not to get too close to your pet’s skin.


If you accidentally cause cuts or razor burns, stop immediately and apply first aid treatment to the affected area. You don’t want to just leave an open wound without treating it, and create an entry way for disease-causing bacteria and germs to enter your pet’s body.

Bathing in Too Cold or Too Hot Water

Many pet owners commit the mistake of bathing their pets in either with too cold or too hot water. If you use either of the two, you are provoking a feeling of hatred to your pet for taking a bath. When bathing, use lukewarm water.

So, how can you make sure that the temperature of the water is easy for your pet? Simply spray or drizzle some water on your arm. If you can withstand the temperature, then it’s safe to use on your pet. However, do keep in mind that your pet’s skin is more sensitive than yours so consider that as well.

Grooming Them Unrestrained

Another pet grooming in Singapore mistakes that owners make is to groom their pets unrestrained. This isn’t recommended unless your pet is well-trained and that you have successfully done pet grooming with just training commands.

When grooming your pet, say bathing them or giving them a trim, at least have them on a leash. If you opt bathing your pet outside, make sure the gate is locked, so it won’t run loose onto the road. But for the best solution, have your pet bathed by a professional pet salon in Singapore. They have the right equipment and training for proper groom pet.

Poor Shampooing

Perhaps, you’ll agree that cats and dogs do not stay while they are being groomed—they like to move their head and roam around a lot. This, paired with carelessness can provoke negative reaction to your pet. The shampoo can get into the eyes of your pet, causing that burning sensation and eye irritation.

While shampooing your cat or dog and it enters their eyes, rinse it with clean water immediately. Afterwards, gently dab your pets face with clean towel. Show them some affection by hugging, petting or cuddling them to make them feel that you didn’t mean to hurt them.

Taking care of your pet shouldn’t be a burden. If you prefer to have your pet groomed by someone else, you can always hire a professional pet groomer or bring your beloved furball to a reputable pet salon in Singapore.